• Berlin Cast & Crew Screening (May 2019)

When the cast and crew that had worked on the Berlin chapter of In Corpore stepped out of the Ladenkino cinema room there was one word to describe what they had just seen – intense. All round we had a wonderful night, not only catching up with everyone who attended, but also sharing all our hard work we had put into the film so far.

Although the film was still in a rough stage with more sound design and colour grading work to do, it was good to see In Corpore on the big screen with one of the four teams that made it possible.

While it poured rain outside, inside we shared laughs and stories from on the set and it was a cosy cast and crew screening in gritty and artistic Berlin.

  • Poster Launch (April 2019)

Our friend and designer Scott Edwards, based in the UK, has been working with us to design the best poster possible for the film. The In Corpore poster is now complete and encapsulates the four lead characters in a moody and mysterious mashup. Each character is contrasted by the film’s magenta, teal and silver colour palette, the design is inspired by a number of film posters we love, such as Blake Lively’s A Simple Favor. The triangular shapes in the poster create sections for each of the four relationship leads, and the focal point where all the points meet draw the eye to the film title. We think that we have an eye catching piece of art and we look forward to sharing it everywhere.

  • Picture Lock (March 2019)

Over the last couple of months, following a test screening which took place in Melbourne during December last year and recording ADR in both Melbourne and Malta though January, we have been refining the edit of In Corpore. Pickups have been added, scenes cut down and we have been finessing, focussing, and finally getting closer and closer to the finish line. A couple of days ago we reached picture lock. A BIG step for this international production. We look forward to bringing you In Corpore soon.